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Helios Talk is a high-quality, reliable and inexpensive way to communicate with your people in Greece. By harnessing the power of VoIP, Helios Talk gives you a second number on your smartphone without the need for an extra SIM card. A local number gives you the opportunity to communicate with Greece as if you were calling your next-door neighbor!

The team

Ted Theocharis - Founder

From the mountain ranges of Epirus and the sandy shores of Naxos, Ted Theocharis is as Greek as they come! “After moving for 2 years to the U.S, he fell in love with the States and the American culture and decided to extend his stay for good”.

Ted’s other love is IT. Since the early days he worked in information technology and in 2006 he decided to go into business for himself by forming Kintera Communications. By 2009 he had moved his business to a datacenter in beautiful Ashburn, VA and focused on cloud technologies and VOIP telephony.

Putting two and two together, Ted connected his love of his homelands with his love of VOIP telephony and Helios Talk was born: A VoIP telephony app connecting people abroad with Greece by giving them the unique opportunity to own an actual Greek phone number, no matter their physical location.

What is more, Helios Talk is about to rise and shine in other countries as well, so please stay tuned!


Kintera Communications - DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT

Kintera Communications is a Cloud and Telephony Services provider, based in Washington, D.C. The amazing expertise of Rimes C. was put to great use in order to assemble and manage the team of developers. Nanda C. was also there to help manage the software configuration. Of course, all this needed strong foundation, so the invaluable services of Rimer T. and Sergey C. were employed to help build the datacenter infrastructure.






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Server Engineer


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