Easy as pie! Pick a number, download the app, start talking! Really, it’s that easy!

How would you call Greece if you were there? Answer: you would just dial the area code and number, without an international prefix. Guess what! That’s exactly what you do with HeliosTalk!

It’s like they are calling their next door neighbor! No international prefix, no hassle. Your people simply must (have and) dial your number at Helios Talk app and…KUDOS - you can now talk till you drop!

Not much! If you insist on getting down to the nitty gritty, it’s $9.50 / month which buys you the Greek Number for unlimited incoming calls and 120 minutes to call back to Greece. If you run out of talk time before the month ends, you can top it up out our lowest rates possible

It includes, well… FREE stuff! You get 5 days’ of UNLIMITED incoming calls! That’s right, NO LIMITS! Talk till you drop! Now, we understand that you may want to test the outbound calling too, which sounds fair, so we included 20 minutes’ worth of calls to Greece! Yes, we are that cool!

Well, not yet, but you know us; we never rest or stop looking for the next good thing to bring you! So, it is conceivable that we may be offering other country local numbers in the future, but you didn’t hear it from us;)

We do take all credit cards but PayPal is just fine with us. See, we are pretty accommodating!

Would we put you in such a position? Your smartphone (you do have a smartphone, right?) is more than enough! Helios Talk loves both iOS and Android, so chances are that we got you covered! Even if you don't have a smartphone you just dial the local access number for your country and follow the prompts.

From Greece, dial: 2112341111

From the USA, dial: 7035209381

Absolutely, none! No hidden fees, no commitment or extra charges, Helios Talk is here just to make your communication shine.

Well, first of all make sure you have a great time! Then, leave the communication to the experts at HeliosTalk! Think about it: if we can have you calling Greece from the U.S. like you were there, it stands to reason that if you are actually there, it is even easier! Just dial the number! Remember, no international prefix!

Exactly same thing as if you were in US or Greece, you may dial Greece using Local calling and receive calls just the same way

When your free minutes are over, you just top up! Buy more minutes until you next billing cycle.

No WiFi, no internet, no problem! How come, you are asking! Easy we say: incoming calls are forwarded to the number you selected during registration. No more missed calls!